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Image by Luke Stackpoole
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Clyde Jones
As of February 2021 I have been accredited by Groundswell Agronomy, I'm now a farmer facilitator for the Wessex region of Pasture fed Livestock Association as well as a British Grassland Society 2021 Grass Mentor.  I am a grazing and cost reduction consultant with experience and skills in dairy, youngstock, beef and sheep grazing, specializing  in Herbal ley, Diverse swards and New Zealand Rotational grazing systems.

With 40 years of Agricultural experience, including 25 years of successful dairy management, during which time I have converted four farms to simple grass based profitable systems. I can advise you on how to:


  • Reduce your costs and increase grass and soil productivity by training your animals to feed themselves.

  • Measure and manage grass to put the best forage in front of your stock all year long.

  • Setting up paddocks and rotation plans to reduce labour and machinery requirements.


I have also successfully out wintered stock for a number of years and I can help set up fields to keep stock out, healthy and well fed over the winter. Thus reducing expensive fodder.

Also guidance in cattle handling for TB testing etc using the Bud Box principles.

Insurance held, willing to travel and reasonable rates.

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Image by Luke Stackpoole
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